Soccer Without Borders

July 3, 2014 2:39 am / Category: Uncategorized

Giving Back ArticleWith all the hype of the World Cup this month, logically we have to ask ourselves “ok, so what GOOD does soccer do for the communities?”

I have searched and scoured programs that directly affect our community, it’s a bit more challenging than one might expect, but not too surprising either considering the USA is the last country to embrace soccer as a world sport. Never the less, my favorite program I have found thus far is “Soccer Without Borders.”

Giving Back BlogWhat do they do?

Well they use the sport of soccer as an avenue for youth to experience and gain positive and personal growth. They focus on the “Whole Person” giving them tools to understand their body, mind, power of voice, and overcome challenges as individuals and working as a team.

What communities do they serve?

Giving Back Blog 2World wide as well as local areas. Soccer Without Borders is just that…. without borders. In the state of California they serve Oakland & Los Angeles currently with seasonal and core programs and touch Orange County with camps. Internationally they can be spotted in Nicaragua and Uganda.

They offer 3 different programs depending on the geographic location and resources.

  • Core- Offer year round programs
  • Seasonal- Offer programs in areas when summer months and weather permit (26 weeks a year)
  • Camps- These programs are both independent and support the core programs

If you are a soccer enthusiast, love to watch kids grow, develop and gain confidence then you should get involved and be the difference you want to see.