There is a better way to Run!

July 3, 2014 2:39 am / Category: Uncategorized

Performance Article BlogEach and every runner possesses a unique running style based on their injuries, anatomy, and experiences. We all have our little hitches and traits, however, there is a better way to run. Every runner has inefficiencies in their gait that cost energy and speed. A Run Right will help you to identify these inefficiencies to enable you to run faster and stronger for longer.

Here’s how it works:

  • Your Run Right analysis begins with a comprehensive physical evaluation to determine your muscle recruitment patterns, range of motion, pains, and running background. Following the physical evaluation you will have a chance to experience the Alter-G Treadmill to have your gait analyzed. Video recording will be utilized from 4 different camera angles to get a complete view of your running gait.
  • Performance Lab Featured ArticleFollowing the video recording, we will walk you through your gait frame by frame. Inefficiencies and biomechanical flaws will be identified and strategies to correct them will be provided.
  • After the analysis, we will put you back on the Alter-G treadmill to practice your efficient gait with running cues.
  • The analysis will finish with us walking you through your results. Strategies for improvement and necessary strengthening regimen will be discussed along with key exercises to ensure a successful home program.
  • All runners will be sent home with their results, a self massage ball, and the knowledge on how to Run Right.

Everyone can benefit from a Run Right!

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