Optimistically, positive stuff happen…

July 3, 2014 2:38 am / Category: Uncategorized

Leading Off Featured ArticleI watched a rad show this week on Netflix. But if you know me, you know my TV watching is a bit eclectic. Yes, I watch the Kardashians, Real Housewives of the OC, Wicked Tuna, Deadliest Catch, Brad Brad World, and my new favorite Ladies of London! (Caroline Rules). Judge if you must… But I’ve found a new line of shows on Netflix called TED Talks. You may know some TED Talks from web searches or youtube. If you don’t know TED Talks- you should. They are a non-profit organization devoted to “spreading ideas”. Usually in the form of short but powerful talks. Started in the mid 80’s; Technology, Entertainment, and Design. But think science, business, and global issues talked through by really entertaining people in a short enough time span to keep you tuned in.

Leading Off Blog PicOne episode caught my attention, titled “Optimism Bias” by Tali Sharot. This episode by Tali Sharot gives some great… Not only do “Optimist’s” get sick less, have better psychological health, stronger immune systems, are more attractive, heal faster, can handle stress better, the list goes on and on… But as Dr. Sharot points out, optimism has its challenges as well. Most optimists can be lead astray while making tough decisions because they only see the “bright side”.

Leading Off Blog Pic 1I know this to be true in my own decision making models. I literally have to force myself to look at the other side of the coin, while making tough decisions. My default is to see the positive opportunity first, but that doesn’t make a good or well thought decision. By forcing myself to think or plan for the what if’s, the best decision can be made. But being an optimist, makes me do one thing really well. It makes me work harder. Because I know my optimism can be achieved. Not by sitting back and letting “everything take its course”, but by pushing through, over, and above to make the positive stuff happen.

Optimism and Positivity should stimulate you to make the optimistically, positive stuff happen! So look on the bright side today, but do it actively.

Dr. Tali Sharot’s Lecture