ABC Pilates Springs into Action

June 3, 2014 3:25 am / Category: Uncategorized

profile blog 2If you’re like most of us, we love to workout in some form. Sometimes it’s taking a class and having that incredible instructor push us just a little bit more than we would on our own. So, what’s stopping you? Class availability? ABC Pilates has been working overtime to get YOU more classes and NEW options. Look at the new Restorative classes for those days when you need a little more TLC or the Power Mat class when you want a little extra burn.

Mondayprofile blog 1

8:30am TRX Jump Pump & Burn: TRX, weighted bars, free weights, BOSU and some serious Pilates of course! Get the most out of your workout from this boot camp style class. Time to mix it up!

Monday & Wednesday

10:30am Pilates Restorative: A reformer class specifically designed to improve balance, flexibility as well as assist in rehabilitation from injury or surgery. Restorative and gentle a great practice for everyday. Wonderful for Pre/Post natal too!

12 Noon Pilates Circuit: Don’t quit your day job!! But make it better with a lunchtime Pilates class. Pilates circuit is a fun program utilizing reformer, tower, EXO chair and jumpboard. Brown bag lunches are boring! But Pilates is fun. Join us!


6:00pm Mat Flow: All the traditional Pilates matwork as Joe Pilates would have taught it plus the challenging addition of free weights, bands and stability balls. A complete workout to promote strength, core stability and range of motion.

6:00pm Power Mat: Time to challenge your Pilates practice! Power mat will utilize free weights, weighted bars, bands and variety of amazing props. You will sweat, shake a little and smile a lot.


8:00am Foam Roller Fusion: Runners here is the class for you! Find out the many ways to use the foam roller and increase flexibility, core strength and balance. A great way to recover from a long run, cross train for those future runs and banish overuse injuries!

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