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So, You Want to Be a Physical Therapist?


Pass it on! BY JESSICA SNYDER, DPT, RAUSCH PHYSICAL THERAPY Hi, I’m Jessica, and I’m a doctor of physical therapy. As a licensed DPT, I treat many high school-aged patients (or their…

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My Own Worst Patient


Pass it on!  BY JESSICA SNYDER, DPT, RAUSCH PHYSICAL THERAPY     A college running injury is what originally introduced me to the field of physical therapy. I remember being…

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How to Alleviate Tender Trigger Points


Pass it on!  We’ve all felt it, that radiating pain that shoots throughout your head and neck when you touch a small spot in your back muscle. You may have heard of trigger…

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Best Posture for Pain-Free Tech Use


Pass it on!  I constantly notice patients looking down at their phones—texting while in the waiting room, scrolling through Instagram while on the table, checking their work calendar to schedule their…

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