5 Things to Consider When Selecting Health Insurance

September 19, 2014 3:02 pm / Category: Uncategorized

Leading Off-blogWelcome back Fall! Ok – its Africa hot outside and we’re not even close to boot and sweater weather, but all the other aspects of Fall are here. Football’s on, school’s back, IM Kona is coming, and the fishing is as good as its ever been.

One aspect of Fall that sometimes gets overlooked is selecting your Health Insurance Plan. This usually happens in October and YOU have a choice this year. Many of us were surprised, shocked, and overwhelmed by the “un-Covered California” debacle this past year. This month is your chance to truly inspect your Health Insurance coverages and limitations. Don’t take anything for granted, look, ask, and make sure you know what you are buying.

This year our front desk and billing teams did an outstanding job of figuring out the sneaky insurance tactics that so many insurance groups used. They are Pro’s at it and I am thankful for their diligence and commitment to YOU. In fact, they were the first to un-cover the “covered California” narrow network produced by Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Some of you may be acutely aware of the “narrow network” by the two Blue’s, as you watched your favorite providers be left off the narrow list this year. For those affected by the Blue Cross or Blue Shield narrow network issues, there are many class action lawsuits going against these insurances. Please check into them.

Top 5 Things to Watch for This Year:

  • Visit limits (24 PT visits per calendar year is a good average)
  • Insurance reviews and restrictions to care (United HC and Cigna are actively restricting the number of visits and care that you get)
  • Narrow networks (Blue Cross & Shield)
  • High dollar co-pay’s per visit (United HC)
  • Prescription Requirements (Californian’s have a #FastPass access to Physical Therapy care whenever they want it (according to CA law), however, some insurance companies are still un-lawfully requiring prescriptions for PT care.

The days of $5 copays are long gone, and insurance companies are cleverly finding ways to limit care to their constituents on a daily basis. However, our job @Rausch PT is to take care of YOU. Get YOU to the place you want to go. Keep YOU healthy. And improve YOUR performance.

We have a myriad of options available for you:

#PT, #ART, #PERFORMANCELAB #VO2MAX, #MASSAGE, #ALTERG, #PILATES, #NATURALRUNNING, #RUNRIGHT, #THROWRIGHT, #BIKERIGHT, #ORTHOTICS, and more! YOU are what’s important. YOUR success is our priority, and we are committed to GETTING YOU THERE.

For more help in choosing your health insurance, please email your questions to insurancehelp@rauschpt.net or just stop by the office (PS – we like donuts:)

Cheers to YOUR health,

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