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September 19, 2014 3:03 pm / Category: Uncategorized

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With the introduction of the internet not all that long ago, we have all quickly realized now more than ever that knowledge is power. We can see this in everyday life and it is important to know that knowledge is extremely powerful when it comes to our athletic training as well. How much knowledge do you have when it comes to your training? Are you aware of your anaerobic threshold, your aerobic threshold, your heart rate training zones, or your resting metabolic rate? If not, you should be!

Many people train at a medium-hard intensity for every workout and wonder why they aren’t seeing the benefits? Training nonspecifically without a plan can lead to plateaus, injuries, and a lack in performance. VO2 testing can help you to determine your training zones as well as your anaerobic and aerobic threshold. All of this information is very important in order to cater your daily workouts to your specific training and racing goals.

A VO2 Test is a graded exercise test on a treadmill or bike with a mask over your face that measures the volume of your expired air as well as the percent of oxygen and carbon dioxide in each expired breath. By gathering this data, one can learn their aerobic and anaerobic threshold, and potentially your VO2 Max. This information will help you to understand your heart rate zones and training intensities for effective training. Heart rate zones are unique to each person’s physiology and should be known when training for any endurance event. Training too hard or too easy can lead to long term damage and falling short of goals.

A VO2 Test is the perfect way for you to gain an edge over your competition and to understand how to train smarter, not harder. VO2 testing isn’t just for the elites anymore as it makes training more enjoyable and safer for athletes of all abilities.

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