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Patient Spotlight – Mike Augustyn


Mike Augustyn had been having significant pain in his shoulder and elbow that made simple tasks like putting on a seatbelt unbearable and was causing disruption in his sleep. After…

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Patient Spotlight – Louis Portillo

Rausch (870 x290)

On July 7th, 2019 Louis Portillo suddenly could not move his left arm. Being a violinist and having just had a rehearsal the day before this was very frustrating for…

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Ice or Heat?


One of the most common questions that patients ask their physical therapist is “so, should I ice it or heat it?”. The answer to this question differs for each injury…

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The 8 Best Massage Guns of 2020


Here at Rx Massage, we know tensions are high right now. Your body may be in need of a sports massage, however, being stuck at home has its challenges. This…

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