Meet Jack

September 20, 2014 7:11 am / Category: Uncategorized

Rausch Physical Therapy and Sports PerformanceOur newest addition to Rausch Physical Therapy and Sports Performance, Jack McPheron, Director of the Performance Lab located inside our office. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Penn State, his brain is hardwired to understand how things work, including the human body.

We first met Jack when he was a rep for Newton Running Shoes, a brand we love. As we grew and he grew, so did our professional relationship and the need for a Human performance extraordinaire. Naturally, we wanted him. To validate he’s worth having, Jack threw together a few words of his own.

(In the words of Jack)

Q. How did you get into endurance sports/distance running? (Ultra’s, Ironman)

  1. I first entered endurance sport world after being cut from baseball team in 7th grade and mom suggested going out for the XC team. Did it first as a social activity, but it has since progressed into pushing personal limits and seeing how far I can go.

Q. Favorite training tricks/ fuel/ trail – what do you love about running & endurance sports?

  1. Training Tricks – Training at the correct intensities and engaging the mind into pushing harder.

Fuel – Boiled potatoes in coarse salt, ProBar, Nuun, BoBo’s Oat Bars.

Trail – Forest Park in Portland, OR

Q. What credentials/ trainings/podiums/placings do you have?

  1. I got my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineer and have studied Biomechanics of Running for 6 years. Needless to say, I love understanding how items/humans work. I am also a certified Level 3 Natural Run Coach. As for my athletic abilities, it began at a young age and has since evolved from baseball to endurance sports. I hold these placings – 2nd in age at Steamtown, 19th overall. Top 3% or better in all marathons raced. 4 Ironman finishes.


  • 2nd in Age Group, 21st Overall – Steamtown Marathon 2010
  • 3rd Overall – Palos Verdes Half Marathon 2010
  • Top 2% – Boston Marathon 2011
  • Top 3% – NYC Marathon 2011
  • 19th Overall – Missoula Half Marathon 2012
  • 23rd Overall – Missoula Half Marathon 2011
  • Ironman St. George 2012, Coeur d’Alene 2013, Tahoe 2013, Canada 2014

Q. When not training… what do you do?( Besides plan your next run, ha ha)

A. Anything that is an adrenaline rush or new adventure. Paddle boarding, surfing, climbing, hiking, camping, traveling, visiting family, writing.

I am seeking to share my passion with athletes around the world and help others achieve their goals and dreams. By doing so, I am rewarded with the pure joy I hope to have each and every day of my life.

If you have questions about our Performance Lab services, shoot Jack an email