Reaping the Benefits of Consistent Massage Therapy

September 30, 2020 2:41 pm / Category: Rx Massage

Folks often envision massage therapy in either one of two ways. In the first scenario, massages are something that is seen as opulent and excessive, to be enjoyed by the wealthy or on special occasions. In the second situation, massages are seen as a necessary healing procedure for either intense athletes or those recovering from an accident or injury. However, while the above-described scenarios may be true for some circumstances, regular massage therapy is actually incredibly helpful to all people and for all body types. Massage therapy can either be used in conjunction with your physical therapist or M.D. to help heal and relieve pain in your body, or massage can be used to help alleviate stress after a grueling week. The types of massages and the benefits of regular massages make it a great choice for everybody – from the seasoned athlete to the weekend warrior. Our membership program allows affordable access to massages on an ongoing basis, with physical therapy support if you need it, helping you to achieve the pain-free and mobile life you want to live!

Massages for Athletes:

The importance of integrating regular, on-going massages into your health care routine will have long-lasting and advantageous benefits to both your recovery and your future performance. Sports massage alongside, cupping and ART (Active Release Therapy) will allow your massage therapist to address areas in which you may have scar tissue or mobility restrictions that could be hindering your performance. By actively working on these areas on a regular basis, the demand you put on your muscles and on your body will result in shorter recovery time, allowing you the opportunity to hit your personal bests the next time you practice your sport.

Massages for Everyone:

There is no doubt we are all under an immense amount of stress, now more than ever. With the tension of daily life during a pandemic, as well as trying to balance work and family life, our bodies will let us know the ways in which it is manifesting that stress. Tension headaches, sore backs, and stiff necks are all signs of tension. Our therapeutic massage and our deep tissue massage both allow you to relieve stiffness, pain and to help you release tension and relax. This may feel like it’s “pampering” yourself, but the truth is when under stress, your body needs this.

Our membership program allows routine monthly massages to be available to everyone! Our affordable monthly rate helps to ensure you have access to the message therapy you need without worrying about opulent spending or unnecessary add-ons. We can offer you the massage therapy and physical therapy support that your body needs to thrive! Visit our Facebook page at or give us a call at 949.276.5401 to see how we can help you in getting your body feeling its best!

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