Patient spotlight – Zetta Tsukamoto

March 27, 2020 7:04 pm / Category: Dana Point , Uncategorized

Zetta first came to me back in September of 2019. Essentially she was one of my very first patients as a new graduate physical therapist, which is very meaningful to me. She initially had a significant low back injury that resulted in drop foot of her left foot. Drop foot is a concerning dysfunction, because it means the patient cannot fully lift their toes while walking, which causes a tripping hazard. With hard work and diligence on her part and with careful consideration of my recommendations, Zetta has made incredible progress since September. As you can see in the picture, we use electrical stimulation as a treatment approach to activate the nerve to muscle connection. With that among other treatments such as manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and the laser modality, Zetta now has a functional left foot. I am very pleased with her recovery because although the nerve can regenerate, it doesn’t always. It is also a very slow going rehabilitation process so I give credit to Zetta for her determination and patience with her recovery. She is an excellent patient spotlight because of her positive outlook and should serve as an inspiration to other patients.


When asked about her experience at Rausch Dana Point, here is what she wrote. “I’m very fortunate to be working with Sarah Troicky. Sarah’s passion, knowledge, and patience is evident in her approach and treatment of patients she works with. Together we are a team and work toward the same goal. I’ve made tremendous progress and I owe that to Sarah and the staff of professionals at Rausch who have assisted in my recovery.” -Zetta Tsukamoto


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