Time for Change

November 20, 2014 6:27 am / Category: Uncategorized

The Fall and Winter Seasons are now upon us, leaving behind the heat and humidity of this past summer. With that comes that offseason for triathletes, runners, and many other athletes. While this can be a time that drives one to become stir crazy with the lack of racing and training, it is actually the perfect time to work on multiple facets of the your sport, while still getting the much needed rest and recovery from a hard year of racing.

Tweaking a running stride, pedal stroke, or swim stroke during the peak of the season can be a risky endeavour. There is the chance it can lead to temporary soreness, slower times, and less efficiency during the transitional period. However, when there is no race on the line, the transition can be done effectively without worrying how it will impact an upcoming race.

Transition takes time, so make this offseason the offseason where you make all the necessary adjustments you’ve been putting off all year. Schedule a Run Right or Bike Right at Rausch Physical Therapy and get ready for your best year yet! A year with fewer injuries, faster times, and more efficiency. What is a better gift than that? Treat yourself this holiday season.

Questions? email jack@rauschpt.net Jack McPheron, Performance Lab Director