Patient Spotlight – Mike Augustyn

August 21, 2020 6:00 pm / Category: Uncategorized

Mike Augustyn had been having significant pain in his shoulder and elbow that made simple tasks like putting on a seatbelt unbearable and was causing disruption in his sleep. After a cortisone injection gave him minimal relief his doctor recommended Physical Therapy.

Mike had already had a successful experience with Rausch PT several years back when Dr. Jonathan Meltzer worked with him on a hip issue therefore it was an easy decision to return to Rausch PT for his most recent shoulder and elbow pain. This time around Mike had the pleasure of working with Dr. Sarah MacMillan.

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After his first evaluation with Sarah he was diagnosed with a rotator cuff strain and possibly a slight tear. There were several combined factors that worked to get Mike feeling better.  Sarah’s techniques and willingness to try different methods got him to the right diagnosis and optimal treatment path.  At first the focus was on range of motion and pain reduction and then Sarah added targeted strengthening and flexibility exercises – most of which he could also do at home.

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After 6 weeks of treatment with Sarah, Mike was no longer awakened by shoulder pain and is now able to perform all of his everyday tasks without discomfort. It’s always great to be able to see the combined efforts of our PT’s knowledge and a patient’s determination lead to great success!


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Dr. Sarah MacMillan

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