Patient Spotlight – Carol Parsons

October 5, 2020 1:06 pm / Category: Uncategorized

Prior to becoming a patient at Rausch Physical Therapy, Carol Parsons had gone to another Physical Therapy clinic for rehabilitation after having two major surgeries in a year: hip revision in September 2019 and spinal surgery in March 2020. She wasn’t satisfied with the quality of help and atmosphere at this first PT clinic. Due to Carol’s frustration, she decided to switch to Rausch Physical Therapy for her rehabilitation treatment. To her surprise, not only was Rausch Physical Therapy’s location more convenient, but she was also impressed with the largeness of the space, the friendliness of the staff, and the effectiveness of the one-on-one training that she had with her Physical Therapist, Dr. Rebecca Gasca. After Carol’s initial consultation she knew she was in for success, finally!

Carol suffered no back pain, but was still experiencing excruciating pain down her left leg. She initially started with therapy related to her back but presumed the pain was definitely from the hip area. Because of this, Dr. Rebecca Gasca came up with the best solution… Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy! Carol was thrilled that there was a possible cure for her pain. Previous to working with Rebecca, Carol had never heard about Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, but she was willing to make it work. And with Rebecca‘s attention to detail and Carol’s determination, it really did work. Carol was so impressed with Rebecca’s determination! She was on a mission to help Carol get better and Carol could feel that ambition.

Carol likes to refer to Rebecca as her “angel”. Physical Therapy with Rebecca has altered her in such a positive way. Rebecca’s perseverance, incredible knowledge, dedication, positive encouragement, and her desire to succeed have led Carol to success!!


Dr. Rebecca Gasca

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