Patient Spotlight- Brett Haynes- Dr. Renee Rinard

October 28, 2020 2:52 pm / Category: Client Spotlight

When Brett’s orthopedic doctor found that he had torn his ACL and MCL, he referred him to Rausch Physical Therapy for his rehabilitation. His doctor recommended that he come to Rausch PT because Brett lived nearby and he knew we had an amazing group of talented PT’s to choose from. During Brett’s first appointment, at the beginning of January, Renee gave him the same diagnosis as his doctor did, torn ACL and MCL. She informed him about the whole process, which included pre-op therapy and a long strengthening program post-op. 


Initially, there was incredible progress in his recovery. By doing a lot of stretching and massaging, the swelling decreased. Then, after the swelling calmed down, the strengthening exercises were extremely helpful. One-on-one time with Renee was a huge benefit to Brett’s workouts. Brett felt that performing the exercises with her, as well as Renee giving him tips, was the most important part of his recovery. Physical therapy has left a positive impact on Brett’s health — one that will last forever. The therapists built strong relationships with him and they provided Brett with the motivation he needed to keep working hard in his recovery. Brett knew that the workouts that Renee had him doing were better than anything he could do on his own. In the end, Brett has come back stronger than he was before the injury!


Dr. Renee Rinard PT, DPT

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