Keep Calm and Breathe On: The importance of not holding your breath

May 2, 2022 12:08 pm / Category: Dana Point

Dr. Ruth Meltzer – Dana Point



As you breathe out, your pelvic floor muscles activate and help support your internal organs.  It is vital to keep your breathing relaxed and rhythmic while working out in the gym, weight lifting, or engaging in gymnastics or sport. Holding your breath can be very detrimental to your internal abdominal pressure, thus putting more pressure on your pelvic floor muscles.


People who experience pelvic pain, incontinence, or accidentally urinate when they laugh or jump on the trampoline are all examples of people who would need pelvic physical therapy. The first step in treatment is improving your breathing. Pelvic physical therapy can evaluate tightness in muscles, weak muscles, and retrain muscles just like any other muscle group in the body.

So if you or someone you know experiences these symptoms, bring them by, and we can take a look at their breathing and muscle control and set them on the right path to recovery. Who knew something as simple as breathing could be a culprit in their pelvic floor muscles?