Your Cardio Exercise Options

February 1, 2023 1:51 pm / Category: Rausch Physical Therapy

February is American Heart Month, a time when all people can focus on their cardiovascular health. But why do you need cardio in the first place? Cardiovascular exercise is a key part of a long and healthy life. Here we bring you a list of 14 types of cardio exercises to get you moving and their benefits. If some kind of pain is keeping you from cardio, see Rausch PT to get you back up and moving again, doing what you love!

If you need a low-impact exercise regimen, look no further. We’ve taken the guesswork out of things by creating a 20-minute low-impact cardio circuit that’s great for everyone — bad knees, bad hips, tired body, and all.

Below are six exercises you should do for 1 minute each, jumping right into the next when the minute is up.

After you complete all six exercises back-to-back, rest for 1 minute, and then start the circuit again. Repeat three times through for a butt-kicking low-impact cardio workout.

1. Low-impact jumping jack

A good warm-up exercise, low-impact jumping jacks will get your heart pumping and muscles moving. You can exaggerate the arm movements to burn maximum calories.

To get moving:

  1. Start by standing with arms down at your sides.
  2. Step your right foot out, and at the same time bring your arms up above your head. Keep your weight in your right foot throughout this movement.
  3. Return to your starting position.
  4. Immediately step your left foot out. Once again, with your weight on your left foot, bring your arms above your head.

2. Skaters

Channel a speed skater when you complete this move. The low-impact version omits the jump but will still make you work.

To get moving:

  1. Start in a curtsy lunge position with both legs bent, your right leg behind and across your body. Your left arm should be straight down and right arm bent comfortably up at your side for balance.
  2. Pushing off the left leg, begin to stand, bringing the right leg forward and swinging your left leg back and across, switching arms as you go. Work quickly, but to maintain the low-impact approach, don’t jump.

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