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There are few things in life more rewarding than doing something special for others. Some people donate clothes to the Salvation Army, some help feed the homeless at a local shelter, and some do something special for a family that is struggling to make it. In 2010, Chrissy and I (Kevin) decided to make a mark based on my passion, the ocean. You see I simply love fishing, but more than that, I thoroughly enjoy watching kids catch their first fish. Especially kids who don’t have an opportunity to do so on our ocean.

WayPoint Children’s FoundationThe Waypoint Children’s Foundation, created in 2010, serves the youth of Orange County. It provides fishing trips, whale watching trips and educational experiences for our youth. We seek to help kids in need, youth in tough times, and to be a waypoint on their lives journey. This year we’ve provided fishing expeditions for BoyScout Troops, Adventure Guides, Military kids, Veterans, and so much more. We are a small charitable organization that exists on donations from local supporters and friends. We are a 501 c3 charity organization based out of Dana Point Harbor.

WayPoint Children’s FoundationThis past year we were able to take kids on 6 fishing and whale watching trips. Next year we want to take more! You can help. Your donations go directly to our operation costs to get kids on the water. But you can donate more than just money, your time, expertise, and fishing gear all help our cause. We use #4 and #6 light wire hooks, 10 pound test line, and ¼ ounce egg sinkers during every trip. And if you’ve been fishing in the past, you know how fast you go through things like weights and hooks.

Thanks for your support,

Kevin Rausch
President, Waypoint Children’s Foundation

Be sure to connect with us on Facebook to follow our trips and happenings: @WaypointKids

And to donate to the charity please visit our gofundme page for Waypoint kids.

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