The Weightless Way to IMAZ

December 14, 2014 5:36 am / Category: Uncategorized

Robin Littrell

Number of Ironmans completed:
2, IMAZ 2012 & IMAZ 2014.

What was your reason for IMAZ 2014?
IMAZ 2014 Training was a little different from my first experience, but I was very committed to make it to the race. You see I was racing with my daughter Briana.  How many mothers out there can say,“I did an Ironman with my daughter”! Bragging rights forever!!!

How did your training go?

My training started at a nice and steady pace. I didn’t have any real issues, but started to feel a little bit of pressure in my right foot.   My coach advised me to see my doctor ASAP. I did, long story short is I was diagnosed with a stress fracture. I saw a podiatrist was told to tape my foot and run.

Briana at the swim start.

Did you do anything outside of what the Podiatrist suggested?

I was looking into other ways to train. I have been to Rausch for various reasons and knew about the Anti-gravity treadmill. I started to use the Altra-G Treadmill to keep my endurance and mileage up. It was a great way to get my training in without further injuring my foot. I also had weekly physical therapy sessions with Dustin, the combination was just perfect.

And how did you feel come race day?

When race day came I was so thrilled that once again I was at the starting line ready to go!!

Arizona Ironman 2014 was very challenging to say the least! But I finished☺I am again thrilled to say I am an ironman!

This time around it took the whole village to get me there, without the encouragement from my wonderful coach Martha,  Rausch PT and my husband “Bob” my journey would have  a very different ending.