It’s time to Run Right into your race season

April 23, 2013 3:32 am / Category: Uncategorized

It’s time to Run Right into your race seasonWe have the answer. Run Right. Our 1-on-1 session between you and a certified running coach. Did you know the certified running coaches are also Physical Therapists? Two experts in one. Lucky YOU!

During the Run Right session your running mechanics are completely analyzed and videotaped to capture your bodies movement and form to identify any biomechanical issues, technical flaws or muscle imbalances that are causing pain or soreness.

A personalized plan is created including specific exercises and drills to improve your mechanics. Poor running form often results from tight, weak muscles. By identifying these areas and strengthening you can improve your performance and help to minimize the risk of injury.

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Learn how to Run Right and run strong!

Check out the The Whole Body Fix article in Runner’s World. It’s a fantastic article about running right, understanding the purpose of an evaluation session and the importance to prioritize rehab!