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Rausch Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

Look at this foot in a stilletto. Ouch! And you wonder where Neuromas come from…

Make the most important decision for your child’s athletic career and foot health for the rest of their life.

Pick the right shoe!

We are cursed with weak, deformed, narrowed, and problematic feet. And it started when we were small. Those super cute shoes that you shoved your kids feet into for way too long are the start of the dysfunction that permeates a lifetime of tough footwear choices.

I am not a crazed barefoot dictator, there are in fact some shoes out there that are great for your feet and your kids feet.

Rausch Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

Cyclists beware, you’re some of the worst offenders of the feet! Just because your feet don’t hit the ground doesn’t mean they don’t matter. your toes should be able to spread out and wiggle in your shoes!

But what do short and tight shoes do to your foot anyway?

In short, they bend your toes inward (causing bunions); tighten your calves (changing your posture & run form); weaken your feet (altering the way you run); and so much more…

These effects start the minute you put on a shoe that is too small, too tight, has a high heel and so on. All of these alter the normal mechanics of you foot leading to more and more changes as you age.

The detrimental effects are somewhat noticeable during childhood and may look like Severe’s Disease.

Then when sports get a little more intense during early teen years foot dysfunction can lead to Patellar Tendonitis.

Fast forward another 15 years when you’ve started to recapture your youth and get back into fitness by training for a Half Marathon, you wind up with Plantar Fascitis. Jump another 20 years, and you’re having a hard time walking around the harbor because of knee arthritis. Told you this was a big deal…

Of course there is hope!

At any time in this cycle you can choose the right shoes and take care of your feet. So start with your kids this year. Check out this list when buying shoes:

  1. Buy bigger! Give them as much room as possible
  2. Look for a wider toe box (the front of the shoe)
  3. FORGET stability shoes (they don’t work nor have they ever…)
  4. Get the flattest shoe possible (zero drop is a big buzz word)
  5. Say no to heels!
Rausch Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

Look how bent those toes are!

Remember, less is more.

All research has shown that extra padding in shoes is a waste and actually causes more trauma to the foot and knee joints as well. Think about shoes like Vans or Converse. They protect your feet from the ground, but allow your feet to work like they should. Furthermore, take your shoes off as much as possible. Play barefoot in the grass, sand or dirt. Its great for your feet!

Shoe Recommendations:

School Shoes:

  • Altra
  • Vans
  • Merrell
  • Converse

Running Shoes:

  • Newton
  • Altra
Rausch Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

Ahhh, now these are beautiful feet. Wide, spread toes. Thick pads and stable.

Take the time this year, to get your kids feet into the most mechanically sound shoes possible. It matters now and later. Our feet didn’t get this messed up overnight, so if you’ve got issues; get into the office ASAP so we can help direct you back on track. We’re here to help.

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