Power Training for Older Adults

February 2, 2022 12:24 pm / Category: Laguna Niguel

One of the main issues facing older adults is balance. Falling — or fear of falling — can lead to activity avoidance, ultimately resulting in a loss of function and independence. Power training is an indispensable and often underutilized training method for older adults.

Power is strength multiplied by speed. Strength is an important focus, though if your foot is not fast enough to get into position to maintain your balance, then it doesn’t matter how strong you are. The opposite is also true; if you can move your foot fast enough to increase your base of support, but do not have the strength to keep yourself up, then a fall is likely.

A combination of strength and speed training is vital for staying upright and remaining functional. Talk to a physical therapist today if you feel unsteady or are fearful of falling.

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