Patient Spotlight- Dr. Renee & Brooke

September 27, 2021 12:37 pm / Category: Client Spotlight

Initially, Brooke came to Rausch PT in January of 2021 with left hamstring pain.

Brooke plays basketball on her High School Varsity team as well as on a club team. Up until she began her rehab at Rausch PT with Dr. Renee, Brooke was playing through this hamstring pain until it got to the point where playing basketball was unbearable. Brooke initially started her treatment for this hamstring strain but as the pain didn’t subside, it was recommended to see a doctor and he highly suggested an MRI. The results came back showing that she had a herniated disc in her back (L5S1) that was pressing down on the nerve running down her left leg, which was causing the hamstring pain. When she returned to physical therapy with Dr. Renee, they started with a new set of exercises to try to push the disc back in place and alleviate her nerve pain. Even with extensive physical therapy and a steroid shot as well, Brooke still continued to have pain in her leg. After talking with Dr. Renee and her parents, it was decided that surgery was the best option at that point.

At the end of April 2021, Brooke got a microdiscectomy, and the doctors were able to successfully remove part of the disc that was pressing on her nerve.  She returned back to Rausch PT after the surgery and continued to work with Dr. Renee throughout her recovery and she remains pain-free to this day. With a combination of her surgery and dedication to her PT, Brooke was able to fully recover and get back to the same level of basketball that she was at pre-surgery and is now happily back to playing basketball with her teams!

Brooke’s life has improved tremendously as a whole through physical therapy. Throughout her pre and post-surgery physical therapy treatments, she was able to learn more about her body and how she could manage injuries in the future. Brooke now has a better understanding of what she can do and when she needs to stop pushing herself as an athlete. She contributes a lot of the mobility exercises that helped her move better and ultimately lead to her successful recovery. It was important for her to address the tightness in her hips, so Dr. Renee had her work through different exercises to open them up. Along with some exercises such as “open books” and nerve glides, she also contributes the additional deep tissue massage and cupping at Rx Massage that she added to her rehab in order to reach her ultimate successful recovery.


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