Patient Spotlight – Dr. Kristen & Emily

November 29, 2021 12:36 pm / Category: Laguna Niguel

During Emily’s annual OBGYN exam she mentioned the pain she was feeling during intercourse to her gynecologist. When her gynecologist examined her she asked Emily to relax while doing so and that is when Emily realized she had no idea how to relax her pelvic floor muscles. Her gynecologist informed her that her pelvic muscles were tighter than normal! That is when she was referred to Physical Therapy. Emily’s gynecologist assured her that she wasn’t alone and that pain during sex was NOT normal. She told her that she would benefit from Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy and Emily was willing to do anything that might help!

After Emily’s first visit at Rausch Physical Therapy, her pelvic floor therapist, Dr. Kristen, diagnosed her with vaginismus. Dr. Kristen made it very clear that visits with her were not scary, she was there to help her physically and mentally. Through Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, Emily learned reverse kegle exercises that helped her relax before and during sex. Through these exercises and realizing that she shouldn’t try intercourse without being aroused, she believes that she is starting to heal! Emily’s life has changed astronomically through pelvic floor therapy. She no longer endures pain during sex, allows herself to be fully aroused before sex and she believes her sex drive is slowly coming back due to no longer associating pain with sex!