Gait This

October 19, 2014 2:49 pm / Category: Uncategorized

Gait This | Rausch PT & Sports PerformanceThere are many ways to do something, but often time there is a better or best way. Just because you can do something a certain way, doesn’t mean you should. Example: You can drive a car at 5000 RPM at all times. The car is fully capable of this and will withstand it…for a while. Your running gait is similar. You can get away with poor mechanics and gait for a while, but in the end it will catch up with you. It will present itself in the form of having to cease running, injuries, or being forced to slow down. None of these are desirable outcomes. The investment of a running gait analysis can really help to identify the key form flaws that will lead to major issues.

Gait This | Rausch PT & Sports PerformanceDid you know the Performance Lab offers such service? We call it “Run Right.” Get your running mechanics analyzed just in time for the off season of racing. Allow yourself the leisure of pressure free training while you strengthen and correct your run form.

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