Foam Roller Exercises

August 1, 2023 12:55 pm / Category: Rausch Physical Therapy

Stretching and foam rolling are two powerful tools that can take your fitness journey to the next level. Learn to release muscle tension, improve range of motion, increase blood flow, and promote better recovery. Dive into our valuable insights and practical tips to maximize your fitness potential. If you’re still stuck, come on in and see us! We will give you a customized routine for your pains and show you exactly how to soothe and heal your body.  


Fascia is the muscular connective tissue of the body: It holds everything together and acts as an elastic shock absorber. Fascia training with a foam roller or a Blackroll, therefore, plays an important role after your full body workout. Sometimes, intense bodyweight training or a tough running session causes the fascia to dehydrate. As a result, the fascia loses its elasticity and binds down, making the body more prone to injury.

The best times to do foam roller exercises are shortly before your workout and right afterwards, although then it should be slower and longer. Focus on the following body parts:


Numerous squats and burpees can really take a toll on your quads. You can reduce muscle stiffness by slowly rolling your anterior, medial, and posterior thigh muscles after your workout.


Your shins and calves also get a pretty good workout when you go running or do bodyweight training. Therefore, don’t forget to foam roll them, too.


Full body training requires strong back and core stability. One way to avoid back pain is to massage these muscles regularly with a fascia roller. But don’t overdo it – make sure to massage slowly and carefully. When it starts to hurt, that’s when you should stop.


Everyone who does physical exercise knows that stretching helps prevent sore muscles — it allows your muscles to recover after an intense workout. All too frequently, however, this knowledge doesn’t make its way into practice. Our daily life is stressful, and there is seldom time for thorough stretching. Taking 5 or 10 minutes for foam roller exercises after the workout is easy to squeeze in and can be really helpful for recovery.

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