Check YOUR Engine Light!

October 19, 2014 2:57 pm / Category: Uncategorized

Check Your Engine Light | Rausch PT & Sports Performance“I saw the sign, but didn’t open up my eyes”! We hear it all the time. Your body tried to warn you. Your Check Engine light came on. It told you an injury was coming, but you decided to push through pain. It told you to get more rest, or you will get sick. We get it. Pushing ourselves is a true way to make progress toward improving our fitness and life goals. But we can’t achieve our personal best if we choose not to LISTEN TO OUR BODY!

Check Your Engine Light | Rausch PT & Sports PerformanceTune in to hear the alarms our bodies are sounding and know what to listen for. Stop popping ibuprofen just to make it through your next workout. You will run yourself right into an injury. Know how to identify if you have signs of overtraining. Listen to your body to solve sleep problems you may be facing.

Learn how to pay extra close attention to your body and it’s “check engine” light to improve your overall health, increase your vitality and enhance your performance.

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