Cavemen… They do exist.

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Conrad StoltzLucky us! We had the chance to treat the real Caveman, Conrad Stoltz a true legend in the world of off-road Triathlon. He’s still leading the pack and racing Pro at 40! Conrad is an all-round nice guy who gave us a glimpse into his background, race highlights, memorable moments and much more…

Conrad Stoltz “Caveman”

Where you are from?
Stellenbosch South Africa

Years in Sport:
Started 1988 age 14. Turned Pro after High School

Why did you get into this sport?
Turns out it’s more fun and adventurous than running round and round a 400m track

Favorite things outside of sport
Going cool places with with Princes Hotstuff (aka my wife, Liezel) coffee & cake, adventure, eating, fly fishing, dirt bikes & outdoors

Major Accomplishments:

  • 4x XTERRA World Champion
  • 3x ITU Cross Tri World Champion
  • 10x XTERRA USA Series Champion
  • 2x Olympian
  • 5x African triathlon Champion
  • 5x South African triathlon Champion
  • Winner Mrs Ts Chicago

The perfect ride and or race:
XTERRA Italy is pretty amazing:

What you love about the sport:
XTERRA is a mix adrenaline with your lactic acid. To do well you need to be technically skilled, brave and robust- on top of being super fit and well trained. There’s tire and shoe choices to be made – according to the terrain. And its constantly changing according to the weather or the location:
You could be speeding through wooded single track with rocks, roots, mud- typically East Coast or Europe. Or you could be racing on a volcano in Hawaii, or running on a sandy beach in Brazil, riding the Flume trail overlooking Lake Tahoe, or bombing down crowd lined stairs and narrow alleys of a medieval Italian mountain village.
The destinations are phenomenal. Each with its own challenges and culture- this is what keeps it fresh and fun- and is the reason I’m still racing Pro at 40.

Race Aspirations or Inspiration:
I like the adventure, the adrenaline, the exotic locations, stunning natural beauty and of course the people are great- friendly and laid back. I also like going fast!

Favorite gear:
Hoka Mafate trail shoes. Specialized Sworks Stumpjumper trail bike. Oakley Radar XL. Clif Bar’s BuilderBar Cookies and Cream

Most memorable race moment:
Winning my 4th XTERRA Worlds title in 2010. I raced for my dad – who was fighting cancer. It was the 1st World title won on a 29er and I just had a perfect day:

Twitter: @ConradStoltz