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There are many aspects that are important in training for athletic endeavors including strength, flexibility, and speed. One area that can be forgotten is balance. Balance is very important because much of what we do while performing different sports activities involve being on one leg at a time even for a very small amount of time. Running for example is really a series of alternating single-leg balance. When you push off one leg and swing it forward towards its next step you are standing on the opposite leg for a split second. Adding the change of direction that many sports involve increases the need to be able to not only perform this series of single-leg balances but also to perform this while quickly moving from one direction to another. Improving balance helps to increase your ability to control and stabilize your body’s position during the demands of sports activities requiring these quick changes of direction movements.

As we age, balance continues to be very important. Falls in the older population can lead to catastrophic injuries including broken hips, legs, arms, shoulders, arms, wrists, and even head trauma. Balance training can be effective in limiting the risk of loss of balance leading to falls and decreasing the risk of potential injuries.

The easiest way to begin balance training is by performing a single leg balance on each leg. Start with 2-3 sets of 30-second hold and continue to progress your time if this is easy. Progression of challenging single-leg balance can be achieved by adding unstable surfaces including foam pads, ½ foam rolls, balance discs, and Bosu balls. Also, closing your eyes increases the challenge further by taking your vision away, a key component of balance.

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