Good for: Cyclists, Triathletes, Mountain Bikers


Ride Right combines video analysis with our expertise in body movement to uncover cycling form flaws that lead to power leaks and injuries so you can OUT.RIDE the competition.

What to Expect

Ride Right takes the rider into consideration, uncovering the secrets of your specific anatomy and how that’s influencing your position and performance on the bike. Ride Right includes an 80-minute session and 20-minute follow-up session.

Session #1

The initial 80-minute. session is made up of two main components:

  • Musculoskeletal evaluation by a doctor of physical therapy (both on and off your bike) to pinpoint any potential problems, such as chronic injuries, current pain, and strength/flexibility inequalities and limitations
  • Video analysis of you riding your bike

Based on our findings, specific mechanical and postural corrections will be discussed and changed. By adjusting your positions and mechanics the likelihood of injury will be reduced and your performance will improve. Our physical therapist will create an individualized exercise program so you can continue to improve after your session ends. You’ll leave with a greater understanding of your body, how it correlates with chronic injuries, current pain and flexibility limitations, and how to avoid all three.

Bring your bike, we have the trainer.

Session #2

Your 20-minute. follow-up session will be scheduled about one month after your initial session so you have time to ride with the corrections and recommendations you received in your initial session. This session gives you the opportunity to tell the PT what worked, what didn’t, and make a continued care plan to keep you riding pain-free for a long time.

Ride Right vs. Bike Fit – What’s the difference?

A bike fit is a process that changes the bike parameters (seat height, handlebar position, stem length) to create an ideal ergonomic position for the cyclist on the bike.

A Ride Right focuses on the rider and how they integrate with the bike. The rider gains knowledge of their body as it pertains to cycling and their position on the bike (e.g, learning how your hamstring length correlates with your back pain when you pedal.)

We work closely with local bike shops for traditional bike fits; if we think you need one, we’ll be more than happy to give you a great recommendation!

Our Pricing

For Non-Patients: $267

For Patients: $240

For Rx Wellness Members: $227*

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