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Let’s talk! We are here to help. Give us a call for a complimentary consultation. We would love to meet you. Did you know there’s no prescription needed from a…

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After running 10 kilometers, or about 6.2 miles, as fast as possible, runners who received 10 minutes of massage therapy focused on the quadriceps experienced a greater decrease in pain…

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Employee Spotlight – Dr. Rebecca Gasca


Meet our pelvic health and sports therapy PT Dr. Rebecca Gasca. Rebecca treats issues that are among either of these categories but also specializes in addressing these issues concurrently. Her…

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Employee Spotlight – Ashley Heller


Meet Ashley our “Water Sports PT”. Ashley has been surfing locally in the area for 25 years and loves working with athletes. There are a range of injuries surfers can…

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Employee Spotlight – Alfredo Valdes

Alfredo Valdes

Meet Alfredo Valdes of Rx Massage. Alfredo is an endurance athlete who has played soccer his whole life. He uses his athletic expertise when working on his patients. Alfredo uses…

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Why You Need a Sports Massage

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Regular indulgence in spa treatments is exactly what you need to recover this offseason and ultimately improve your triathlon performance. That’s right: spa treatments. Of course, for many of you,…

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