Alfredo Valdes Islas

Massage Therapist


Sport Massage, ART, MAT, Stretching, Therapeutic Massage


Sports Massage Therapist
Certified Massage Therapist Certificate #76854


American Institute of Massage Therapy
Santa Ana, CA (1,200 + hrs of training)

Get to Know Alfredo

While in school Alfredo fell in love with neuromuscular techniques meaning that he developed his Sport Massage Sessions around these techniques combining Trigger Point, Active/Release, Muscle Activation, Deep Tissue and Stretching during his sessions. He then started working on Endurance Athletes (Cyclists, Triathletes, Runners, Off-Road Athletes and ultra Athletes) as well as soccer players and rock climbers. Alfredo comes from a Medical background since 2007 and has a Level 2 certification as an Endurance Coach. He played soccer his whole life until he became injured. Alfredo now concentrates on being a Triathlete and Off-Road athlete . All of his years in the medical field and as an athlete going through many injuries from broken bones to dislocations and sprains, injuries from over training and tight muscles after racing gave him a wide open picture of what it feels like and how to deal with his patients issues. Alfredo has worked alongside Chiropractors, Doctors and Stretching Studios deciding to pick up what he enjoyed the most which is Sports and Rehab.

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