Performance Lab

Designed to give athletes the edge to OUT.RUN OUT.RIDE OUT.LAST
the competition. Located inside Rausch PT & Sports Performance.

We help athletes reach their maximum potential by combining our innovative performance technologies with our expertise in human mechanics to develop better, stronger and more competitive athletes.

  • Every pro was once an amateur.
    Every expert was once a beginner.
    So dream big and start now.

    -Robin Sharma-
  • When you feel like quiting,
    think about why you started.

  • Success isn't given.
    It's Earned.
    On the track, on the field, in the gym.
    With blood, sweat and the occasional tear.


Lab Services


Run Right Advanced Gait Analysis

Most athletes—or even scarier, runners—never learn how to run. Run Right is the perfect way to improve your running form and efficiency,as well as prevent injuries, to ensure a lifetime of enjoyable running.

AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill®

Thanks to its unweighting technology, AlterG® allows you to push your rehab or training further than ever before. Its complete video system for accurate gait analysis also helps increase running performance.

A.R.T (Active Release Technique)

A.R.T is a cutting edge technique that incorporates pressure point massage with active stretching to release adhesions and break down scar tissue to resolve stubborn and long-standing problems.

Ride Right: Advanced Ride Analysis

Ride Right combines musculoskeletal evaluation with advanced video software to uncover cycling form flaws that lead to power leaks, chronic pain and injuries. Ride Right takes the rider into consideration, uncovering the secrets of your specific anatomy and how that's influencing your position and performance on the bike.

Throw Right Analysis

Perfect for the throwing athlete of any age and experience level, Throw Right evaluates and improves your strength, balance and range of motion to help you prevent injury and stay in the game longer.

Custom Foot Orthotics

Your custom foot orthotic exam and casting also includes an analysis of your run, walk or cycling form. We use the same lab as the Anaheim Ducks, LA Lakers and USA men’s and women’s soccer teams.