If you want to experience the amazing health benefits of massage but going to a luxurious day spa just isn’t for you Rx Massage is your ticket to wellness. A massage at Rx Massage is a true therapeutic treatment for anyone who needs to feel better, fast—without all that extra fluff.

Located inside Rausch Physical Therapy, our private massage suites offer clients a lively-yet-relaxed environment that invigorates and encourages positive healing energy. Our expert therapists customize each session to target your specific issues and goals that day, so you’ll always leave getting exactly what you needed out of your massage.

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Our Services

Therapeutic Massage

Great for continued care in conjunction with your physical therapist or M.D.

Our specialty! Your massage therapist will design your session for your problem area(s) to help instantly relieve stiffness and pain, as well as correct muscular imbalances to keep you feeling good in between sessions.

Whether you suffer from chronic pain or you’re recovering from an injury, our goal is to help you not just feel better, but get better.

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Deep Relaxation

Stressful week? Hit the reset button with this calming massage.

Relax and release the tension of the day while also reducing your risk of stress-related health issues. It may feel like a treat, but trust us—your body needs this.

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Our Pricing

New to Rx Massage? Check out our $65 New Client Introductory Offer Learn More

For General Massage

50-minute massage: $90

50-minute massage with cupping: $110

80-minute massage: $125

For Active Release Technique (ART)

30-minute session: $85

50-minute session: $110

The Wellness Membership is $99 – lots of benefits

The Massage Membership is $75 – only massage benefit

Up to $25 off EVERY massage!

Includes one 50-minute massage OR one  30-minute ART session per month

PLUS additional massages and ART sessions at discounted rates!

50-minute massage(s): $90 $70

50-minute massage(s) with cupping: $110 $85

80-minute massage(s): $125 $115

30-minute ART session(s): $85 $70

50-minute ART session(s): $110 $85

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Our Massage Therapists

  • Melissa Bruketta
    Melissa Bruketta
    Massage Therapist
  • Christy Atwood<br><em>CMT</em>
    Christy Atwood
    Certified Massage Therapist
  • Melissa Bruketta<br><em>CMT</em>
    Melissa Bruketta
    Certified Massage Therapist
Melissa Bruketta
Massage Therapist
Christy Atwood
Certified Massage Therapist


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Get to Know Christy

Sí hablo español

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to provide massage therapy to numerous professional and semi-pro athletes, CrossFit Champions, and marathon runners from around the world. I have an extensive background in exercise rehabilitation, along with being a personal trainer for the past 17 years. Additionally, my personal experience as a runner has given me the knowledge to treat many different types of injuries. With 7+ years of experience and my vast knowledge of the neuromuscular system, I provide a personalized massage tailored to each person to assist in the rehab process.


Massage Therapist, Rausch Physical Therapy & Sports Performance (2017)

Certified Massage Therapist Certificate #73418


Parker University
Dallas, TX (1000+ hrs. of training)


Melissa Bruketta
Certified Massage Therapist

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