Good for: Triathletes, Ultra-Distance/Endurance Athletes; Ultra Athlete; High-Altitude Hikers; Pro Team Sport Athletes

To reach your maximum athletic potential, you need to train smarter. Professional athletes in every sport—from basketball superstars to ultra distance cyclists—are pushing their performance to the next level by using altitude simulation training for more effective workouts.
Now, you can get the same benefits with the Hypoxico Altitude Simulation System available at the Performance Lab in Laguna Niguel. This equipment that was once reserved for professional teams is now available to athletes of all levels who want to elevate their performance.

Hypoxico Facts

  • Acclimate your body in advance to gain the upper hand at races in high-altitude destinations.
  • Save time and avoid overuse injuries by training smarter with altitude simulation.
  • Get premiere access to a proven, professional simulation system without having to spend money on expensive home tents or ineffective workout masks.

The Benefits

Increased Endurance and Speed

Less Fatigue

Improved strength and power

Our Pricing

1 month UNLIMITED: $129

1 month UNLMITED (Rx Wellness Member): $129 $25*

15 sessions: $99

5 sessions: $69

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How it Works

Hypoxico is an altitude simulation system that allows you to get the physical benefits of training at high altitude—without the need to travel to the top of a mountain.

What exactly is altitude training?
  • Hypoxico’s training mask decreases the amount of oxygen made available to your body, simulating being at roughly 18,000 ft.
  • In response, your body makes more red blood cells. Extra red blood cells = more oxygen being delivered to the muscles = more effective training and improved athletic performance at any altitude.

After several weeks of simulated altitude training on Hypoxico, our athletes say they feel like they “have another gear,” “have better top-end performance,” and “overall improved endurance,” without having to exhaust their bodies.


What to Expect

Training at high altitude could not be any easier.

Hypoxico allows you to achieve amazing physical results with very little effort on your part. Come in on your lunch break or for a little “happy hour high;” you take a seat, a Performance Lab expert outfits you with a mask, and then you simply breathe.

We suggest our athletes do at least 15 sessions to get the full benefits of altitude simulation training. Get the edge against your competition by scheduling your sessions today!